2012, 2013 & 2014 Manitoba Marathon Relay Team Winners
Corey (1st leg and 1/2 Marathon winner 2012 & 2013), Colin, Chris, and Chad

THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of my running store over the last 15 years.  
I’ve enjoyed being part of your running life, sharing the stories, working on solutions and celebrating the successes.  It was a lot of fun but all good things must end.  The lease is up at the end of February and retirement is calling.

These are the last few days before the staff & I go headlong into new challenges, successes and more time for running!   
If you want a few last things from us before we close you will find everything at some very attractive low prices.  

If you have any Stride Ahead Gift Cards stashed away make sure to use them up!

Yours in Running,
Ken  Colin  Ken P.  Rennie  Courtney  Ralph  Jody  Scott

Remember to support the local shops that put so much back into our community.

Thanks again,