Santa Gets New Shoes

Chris Dick submitted this short story to the ‘Carman Valley Leader’ newspaper contest.  Good luck Chris!

New Shoes for Santa.

I have known Santa for an infinite number of years now.  I work alongside him everyday actually!  We spend many hours going over what the hot trends are and what we think everyone around the world might get excited about and look good under the tree.  Then we get to work and try to make it all happen in the days and months leading up to Christmas.

One day as I was running back and forth across the factory workshop I noticed something was not right with Santa.  He seemed to be walking with a bit of a limp.  As I watched him shuffle from one work station to the next, making sure things were running smoothly, I looked down at his boots, trying to assess the problem.  It looked to me like one of Santa’s boots was so worn down on the heel and the other one was coming apart from the seams.  Then it dawned on me!  Since Santa has been so busy giving and delivering presents over the years to all of us, when was the last time he received a new pair of shoes for himself?  Well, probably never!  I have only known Santa to only wear those one pair, all day, every day.

As an Elf, I wear running shoes all day long.  It helps with my job security.  In fact, I go through a new pair of running shoes every six months with all the back and forth that I do.  I couldn’t imagine only having one pair of shoes to wear every day of the year.  I thought to myself, it’s high time that Santa get some new kicks!  So I put the plan into action!

As Santa’s right hand man and number one Elf, I plan everything on his schedule from his meetings to his flight patterns all around the world and the meals he plans. Ok, I need to work on the last one!   In fact I know where Santa is going to be 24 hours a day.  So as Santa was preparing for his big trip around the world he decided to take a nap.  Just so you know.  Santa actually has a nap each day but on the afternoon of Christmas Eve he has a second nap scheduled.  This gives him that extra bit of energy he needs.  It was during this second nap while Santa was sleeping blissfully that I carefully measured his feet for his new shoes!

As I was going over Santa’s itinerary with him and he was checking his list one last time, he noticed something different.  He wondered why his first scheduled stop was at a small but charming running store in south Winnipeg.  Since Santa usually only goes to houses, he found this strangely odd.  But since Santa always trusts his number one Elf, no further questions were asked.

We made the smooth landing on the roof top of the mall where the running store was located.  Since there was no chimney to be found Santa made his way down to the store entrance through some duct work.  How he always manages to find a way into people’s homes and especially a place of business remains a mystery to me.  Well Santa entered the store with a Ho Ho Ho and a high five but still didn’t know why he was there since he had no gift on his list to drop off.  After meeting the wonderful store owner named Ken, Santa was whisked away for a shoe fitting.  Santa was definitely surprised what was happening and thought to himself that a new pair of shoes would be great as he wasn’t sure if the boots he had on would make it through another Christmas.  But he knew he didn’t have much time.

Santa was about to begin talking all about his feet when Ken gently interrupted him saying that he knows everything he needs to know.  How did he know Santa thought?  Ken brought this special pair of new running shoes from the back of the store just for him and when Santa saw them his eyes sparkled!  Just what I need Santa thought.  He fit them on and went for a short walk/run in the mall and realized they were just perfect!  They fit like comfy pajamas!  It was then that Santa realized he was about to make a radical change.

Santa gave Ken a big hug and wished him a very Merry Christmas and hurried back to the roof top where his sleigh was waiting.  He looked at me, as I was trying to keep from grinning and he knew I was the one who set this all up.  Santa let me know that the running shoes he was wearing was the perfect gift.  He said he always thought it was time to try something different by the way he travelled and it could only help his waistline with the entire cookie intake.  It was from this day forward that Santa would no longer deliver gifts all around the world by reindeer and sleigh but by running shoes alone.  “Let’s stride ahead” he told me and “get this done”!  So with these magical running shoes on his feet, this was the moment in time when Santa became a Runner!

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Author: Chris Dick

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